Adaptive Gear

Ever since Scarlett was first diagnosed, I have been on the lookout for gear that would make her (and my) life easier.  There are some very talented moms out there who have come up with great ideas for kids who have additional "accessories" like Scarlett does.  Here are some links to some of our favorite items, DIY tutorials and resources.

  • Tubie Whoobies - Custom g-tube pads
  • Button Buddies - Re-useable g-tube pads (I used these as inspiration to make my own)
  • G-Tube Doll - Tutorial to add a Mic-Key button to a doll
  • Tummy Tunnels - Patches to make clothing g-tube accessible
  • G-Tube Jammies - Tutorial to add neat and professional-looking access points to fleece jammies and onesies
  • BabyGap Body Doubles - Onesies with an attached shirt - my favorite for g-tube (using the above tutorial to add an access point for g-tube).
  • Brave Just Like Me by Kimberly S Ruff, Illustrated by Stacy Venturi-Pickett and Leslie Sheets  A little girl shows us how she is brave though doctors, blood draws, medicine, NG tube, dialysis, x-rays, EEGs, surgery and therapy.  Good for ages 2-7.
  • My Brain Tumour Adventures by Sharon Dempsey, Illustrated by Gabbie Collins.  A little boy is diagnosed with a brain tumor, has MRIS, surgery, loses hair with chemo, and radiation.  Good for ages 2-7.
  • Why, Charlie Brown, Why? by Charles M. Shultz.  Linus' friend Janice feels sick, and is diagnosed with leukemia.  Charlie Brown and the gang learn that cancer is not contagious, that Janice did nothing wrong, and that she just wants to be like the other kids.  This one deals with tough stuff, but it's all accurate.  Good for ages 7-12.
  • The Lemonade Club by Patricia Polacco.  Based on the true story of Polaccos' daughter, a 5th grader is diagnosed with leukemia.  She and her friend share a special bond with their teacher, who is also diagnosed with breast cancer.  The class supports the girl by shaving their heads.  The teacher recovers, and the girls are braidesmaids in her wedding.  Good for ages 7-12.
  • Wubbanub Pacifiers - Pacifiers that stay put!  The ONLY kind Scarlett would ever use (and still does!)
  • Radian Convertible Car Seat / Booster - Allows rear-facing to 45 lbs and 5 pt. harness to 80 lbs (we have the old model, the XTSL, but the RXT is even better because it becomes a booster!)
  • Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller - Wider, deeper seat (with kid pockets!), accommodates kids to 55 lbs., HUGE canopy and basket.  For kids 6m+ (we got it when Scarlett was 14 months and we love it!)
  • Special Angel Dolls - Custom dolls with any "sewable" special equipment, including hearing aids, CIs, prostheses, crutches, braces, glasses, Down's Syndrome, etc.
  • My Twinn Dolls - Hearing aids available
If you have a suggestion for an item to add to my list, I'd love to hear it!  I am always looking for interesting things to try.