Thursday, February 12, 2015

Surgery tomorrow? Nope.

Scarlett has successfully avoided this surgery 5 times now.  Once in June, when she suddenly started having hundreds of seizures a day, and then abruptly stopped (and hasn't had a single one since). Twice in December, first for an emergency and then for a cough that developed the morning of the surgery. 

Last week, Chris arrived for the scheduled pre-op appointment to be told "There's no surgery scheduled for this week."  After some high-tension phone calls, we were told that somewhere along the line, the message was crossed, and there was never a surgery scheduled for February 6.  Chris solidly remembers the conversation where it was scheduled, but that doesn't change what was on the surgeon's schedule.  In their minds, it was always scheduled to be the 13th.

So, this week we were ready, yet again.  And...bam.  Runny nose.  Coughing when laying down.  Waking in the night.  We called Wednesday to check in, not wanting to go to the lengths we did before only to be turned away after putting on her surgical gown.  Surgery checked with anesthesia, and they shut it down.  So, no surgery yet again.  We'll try again next month.

We're going to enjoy our Valentine's Day at home, gardening and working on projects for the new baby cousins!!

"Hello, Doctor.  I won't be coming in for that surgery you keep telling my parents I need.  Maybe next time!"  


child of God said...

Oh sorry to hear this. I will keep praying for her and hope she is feeling better soon.


DaisyMaeGoGo said...

There is so much yucky stuff going around this time of year, looking forward to springtime!

Hopefully the procedure will be scheduled, completed and in your rearview mirror soon!

MC said...

Hello from Pennsylvania!!
Just reading about all of Scarlett's tricks on how to avoid a surgery :)

Wishing you well!

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I am feeling so sorry her. May God bless her with the best of his health. Don't worry, she'll get fine. Stay blessedand keep praying.