Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Beginning

Our new year has started out with a big new change:  Chris has begun a new job!  He is now working at a large tech company on their global marketing team.  I can't really explain his new job - I don't really get it yet - but he is doing marketing stuff and works from home!  It's only part-time right now, so he is still at Starbucks part time, where we will maintain some benefits (including free coffee, of course!)  He picked up his brand new work laptop this week, and is really excited to begin a new project after a little more than two years of under-employment.  It's a big sigh of relief around here, for sure.

This week, we are back on our regular schedule for therapy after two weeks of vacation for the holidays.  It was nice to see all of Scarlett's lovely therapists again, refreshed after their breaks, but going back to driving all over the place has been less than wonderful.  Luckily, the little girl is very good in the car and has been generally pleasant for her appointments...except the ophthalmologist!  She threw quite a tantrum while having her eyes checked - so much so, that it took me, the medical assistant and the doctor to hold her down!  She still shows that feisty attitude when she needs to!  Luckily, the doctor got a good look at her optic nerves and says everything still looks good.

Every few days we have another anniversary of the events of last year.  This week, is it surgery.  On January 5, 2011, we waited more than 12 hours while the majority of the tumor was removed for Scarlett's brain.  It was such a long, arduous day, and not the first or last one that we thought we were going to lose our baby.  To see her a year out from that point, and how well she is is simply a miracle.  We will see the neurosurgeon that saved her life in a few weeks to begin planning the big surgeries for this year.

As I have been tying up some loose ends from last year, I added a big event to our calendar:  our next blood drive!  It's scheduled for Oct. 20, 2012.  It's far off still, but I am already making plans to make it fantastic!


Unknown said...

Tell Chris congrats on the job for us, and let me know if you need help with planning down the line- i could use the distraction. ;)

April said...

Such a little spit fire you have there.. I'm so happy for you and your family. I hope to see more great news this year.. ;) you all are always on my heart.

DiJe said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!! Awesome news. And so glad you guys got a brief break from the appointment crazyness.

Robin said...

Praying Chris loves his new job and does well! Praying for your family always! Give Scarlett a smooch from us!

April said...

Congratulations to Chris on the job! I hope it turns into something full time soon... Even if not with this company, being already employed in a particular field makes you more employable with other companies. Goodness, a year since her surgery. I remember sitting by my computer waiting for updates that day. We all felt almost as if we were in the waiting room with you. It's wonderful to have had a whole year of growing and milestones since that day.

~spoiled~ said...

Ive given you 2 blog awards. They are on my blog!

I love reading about Scarlett. She is a doll!!

Mrs.Andrews-Next Adventure Travel Co said...

what a difference a year made! A year ago I was praying every night that scarlet would pull through and bless you all with more time... and here she is stronger than ever! A year ago you thought you couldnt' face another day of the pain/fear... and look how strong you have become!

I am SO proud to "know" you through bbc and here, so honored to have been allowed on this journey with you. I hope you know that you are all thought of and prayed for often.
and Chris, congrats!