Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It is January, and that means resolutions.  I know almost no one sticks to them, and I am no exception.  Every year, I say to myself, "This is the year!" and decide I will make some kind of change.  And I don't.  However, I want this year to be different.

For the last year, I have been completely consumed with medical information, hospitals, doctors, therapy, and medicine.  I have not taken great care of myself, and it is very clear to me that I can no longer afford to do this.  For the last few months, I have been feeling less and less comfortable in my own skin.  The months of sitting in hospitals and eating my stress have taken their toll: I weigh more now than I did at 9 months pregnant!  It is definitely not something I want to continue, so I am trying to put a stop to it now.  I am fighting every day to give Scarlett a better life, and I want to enjoy it with her.  I want to be an active participant in her childhood, and not regret that I couldn't do things with her like I wanted to.

I am not good at making big changes; I am really a routine-bound person.  Taking this into consideration, I have been trying to make a little tweak here or there that I can live with for a few weeks, then add something else.  For instance, I have cut out a lot of coffee from my diet.  The coffee itself isn't so bad, but the way I drink my coffee (basically caffeinated hot chocolate!) wasn't doing me any favors.  Since essentially everyone in my family is vegetarian or vegan now, I can pretty easily cut most of the meat from my diet - not weight-affecting in itself, but a path to more fruits and veggies.  I am also drinking a lot more water (or tea) during the day.

I am also determined to add more activity into my day.  When I was teaching, I inevitably got more walking in just chasing kids.  Now, I have to create opportunities to move.  We have had a Wii for a few years, but it has been mostly dormant for a while.  I got a few new games to spice it up, and I am making time for 30-minute sessions right now.  I am also going to try to take Scarlett and Cosmo on more walks, but I haven't been able to make this happen yet (luckily, we have had the most un-winterly Winter so far in the Bay Area - about 60 degrees every day).

This is not a groundbreaking plan, I know.  I am just trying to make a change that I can live with that makes me feel better.  I am posting about it here for a little accountability...I went public now, so other people know what I am working toward!  If I have any major successes (or failures, even) I will try to keep you updated.


Unknown said...

Good luck, you really have your work cut out for you with your busy schedule! I tried to make a similar resolution with my husband since he has to for his health. We also have our obstacles to over come with school and work besides a toddler and a newborn. Looking forward to see your progress to keep me motivated!

Jennifer said...

I also posted my goals for the new year on my blog so I could be held accountable. So far it's been great having that hanging over my head.

Good luck with yours!

Jeff said...

In 7th grade a teacher made me write a resolution for New Years. I wrote down, "I resolve to never make another resolution!"
It's one I have kept for decades!

KellyG said...

I bought an eliptical from craigslist for really cheap. I use it every night for 20-30 minutes. I watch fun trash tv while I use it so I'm not watching the clock waiting for it to be over. It's really made a huge difference!

smermom said...

I started early in August... Minimal changes just trying to walk more. In September I found myfitnesspal (a free website/app) that will let me EASILY track my food and exercise and that awareness has been huge!! I highly encourage you to do small changes but this site might be another tool. (and I've lost 18 lbs in 5 months!!)
Good Luck! We can do it!

Christina said...

I think you are looking at it the right way. Every little bit helps. Always set goals that are attainable. For example my hubby stopped using sugar in his coffee one year and lost his love handles. Two years ago I use to drink 4 soda's a day, minimum. I started cutting one soda out a month till I was down to one a day and replaced that soda with a green tea that I found and actually like to drink. Two years latter I am still down too one soda a day and every time I have the craving for another I make some tea instead.
You Can Do It!!! <3

jennifer said...

It's the little things that make a big difference! All those small changes will add up, and as you've pointed out - you can incorporate them bit by bit into your daily routine. We all have things we'd like to change - but if you try too much at once it's not likely to stick! So I'd say you're on a good track. =)

Good luck Brandi! Hope to see you soon!

Mrs.Andrews-Next Adventure Travel Co said...

You go honey! I have total faith in you being able to make the changes you want. And I know Scarlet and Cosmo will both love he walks :)

MrsMcGoo96 said...

Good for you! Scarlett needs a happy healthy momma. I too am working on losing weight and getting more active. It isn't easy, but Scarlett and Chris are worth it.

Unknown said...

Brandi - I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. I put in what my weight, age, height stats were and what my goal weight was. I put in when I wanted to lose the weight by (I gave myself a few smaller incremental goals), and it is easy to just input what I am eating. Writing it all down helps keep me honest! Looking at those big red numbers when I go over my calorie limit helps me prioritize what I want to be eating all day. It also will factor in extra calories if you work out. Might be an easy helper for your new regime.

I've also found this website very helpful for recipes http://skinnyms.com/category/recipes/skinny-ms-slow-cooker/ My DH is back to college this year, in addition to working full time, so the crockpot is a great tool for me right now.

Hope these help in your endeavors!


mamathlete said...

good for you! when my husband was sick exercise was my haven to manage the stress and keep myself sane. it also gave me something to do when my role as caregiver to him came to an end. now that I'm a 40-something mom of a toddler 3 mos older than Scarlett, exercise is critical for my well-being and will hopefully help me keep pace with him for many more years.

the demands on you are great, so I feel for your struggle and send you strength and resolve and motivation. when I'm feeling unmotivated and the couch looks inviting my husband (fully recovered) reminds me that I never, ever regret exercise. best wishes to you on your journey for yourself.

Wanda said...

I also made a resolution to cut down on the belly fat. I realized that this wasn't as easy as I imagined so that is why I am going to the coolsculpting route.