Sunday, April 8, 2012


We dressed up in our Sunday best to celebrate Easter today.  I found her dress a few weeks ago and could not leave it had to come home with us.  Unfortunately, Scarlett woke up extra early at 5 am, so the Easter egg hunt after church was really not her cup of tea (and forget about her looking at the camera!!).  Nevertheless, we enjoyed the sunshine (which has already left us) and had fun with family.

She pulled each item out of her Easter basket.

She sat in her new chair.

The "Easter Egg" hunt was really more of an "age-appropriate toys scattered on grass" hunt, so she enjoyed picking things up and putting them in her basket.

Scarlett and her cousin Caleb are enjoying the same toys!

Caleb is almost 5 months old and getting so big!

Basket ribbons are much more exciting that mommy and her camera.

Daddy trying to keep track of Scarlett, his coffee and his glasses.

We are now home, packing for a little adventure we will go on tomorrow - our first overnight getaway since Scarlett was born!  I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!


smermom said...

Looks like a fun day! I enjoy the "age appropriate toys"!!
I hope you have a great overnight trip!

MC said...

Hope you had fun! Scarlett looks beautiful in that dress!