Thursday, July 21, 2011

Round 6

Yesterday Scarlett was admitted for Round 6 of chemo.  This is the last round of Consolidation.  It is the last time we have to be hospitalized.


I cannot believe we have made it this far.  When we started looking at the treatment plan in December, I never thought I would survive so much time in the hospital, and I couldn't imagine how Scarlett could grow and develop when she was spending so much time in a tiny room.  I am happy to say that we have all survived, and she has thrived!  I am still knocking on wood...there are still a million reasons she could need to be hospitalized, but nothing is scheduled, so we're holding on to hope that we can stay OUT!

We will miss our wonderful nurses and doctors in the inpatient oncology unit.  They are so patient, helpful and understanding of the chaos parents endure.  They have changed diapers, wiped up vomit, let us practice injections on them, brought me tissues and given me and Scarlett hugs when we needed them.  I believe that the great care she has received in the hospital is part of the reason she has fared so well through these incredibly toxic treatments.  Most of all, we will miss Jen, the nurse practitioner who has followed Scarlett through all her inpatient chemo, who called in special orders for her when she was on other departments, who checked in on her labs when she snuck in on weekends, and made sure Chris and I felt confidant in caring for her at home.  We are sad to leave her domain, but hopefully, we won't ever have to be back for IV chemo again!!

As great as this is, it only marks the midpoint of chemo for Scarlett.  She still has 6 months of chemo medications to take, but they will be oral and can be given at home.  It still seems like such a long way to go, but the last 6 months seem to have flown by (in retrospect only...I remember how very long some of those days were!)  I can't wait for that day when we can say No Mo' Chemo!

So far this has not been our best round, but it seems we have figured out the medication schedule that works for her nausea and she is eating better and throwing up less.  We should be discharged tomorrow.


It's June! said...

So happy to hear this!

Breanna said...

What amazing, wonderful news! :) Praying for sweet Scarlett and all of you as well!

Mama of Two said...

Half way through - what a great thing to celebrate!

April said...

Great news!!! It seems like such a long time ago you were being told to go home and wait for the end.... This is just such amazing news and I am thrilled for you all.

Michelle said...

Have been reading your blog since the beginning. It has been amazing how a baby can endure so much and still thrive. God has definitely been watching over little Scarlett. I will continue to pray for Scarlett and your family. You are a wonderful mother, Scarlett is lucky to have you.

Irene K said...

so so so so so so happy, from Austin, TX :) much love to Baby Scarlett, Mom and Dad