Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something I Love: Thred-Up

Scarlett update:  She's feeling good!  Her counts are very sluggishly increasing, so we have still not begun the new chemo (it's still lurking in the refrigerator).  We go tomorrow for another lab draw to see if she's ready.  I am working on getting a picture of her newest trick - sitting up (propped with her arms)!  She can hold it for a few minutes most times.  She even sat in the grocery cart seat for the first time yesterday!  Big girl!

I wanted to share with everyone something I am loving right now.  I have been using the site Thred-Up to exchange Scarlett's outgrown clothes for new (well, new to us, used by others) pieces in larger sizes.  We had a TON of clothes in 0-3 and 3-6 months sizes that she has finally outgrown. We've gotten many hand-me-downs, but suddenly no one around me is having a girl (boys everywhere!) and you can see from pictures that Scarlett's wardrobe is very... pink. Normally, I would donate clothes to Goodwill, but we need to keep refilling the closet with the next size (since she has grown so much lately!) and can't afford a shopping spree.  I was looking for a way to clear out the closet when my friend suggested Thred-Up, a clothes-swapping site.

How it works:  Sign-up is free.  When you sign-up, you get USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes sent to you free.  Your job is to fill them with clothes, then post a detailed description (sizes, seasons, colors, brands, the more the better).  Once your box it filled, you post it for others to choose.  When your box is picked, you print the label they send and either leave it for pick-up by USPS or drop it off at the post office.

Meanwhile, you get to choose other boxes you need.  It costs $15.95 ($10.95 shipping + $5.00 fee) to get a box.  There are tons to choose from in most sizes, especially in smaller infant sizes.  You have to shop around a bit to find the nicest things, but I did well on my first try.  I got a full box of 15 items for less than a single new item would cost, and it was all in great shape.

It's designed to be a swap, so you get to pick as many boxes as you post (plus two bonus picks to start).  You can earn cash bonuses for highly-reviewed boxes; I got two $5 bonuses toward my next purchase.  You can also get bonuses for posting boxes with sizes that are less abundant (mostly 2T and up).

If you are drowning in baby clothes like we were, this might work for you, too!  If you are interested in trying it, I can send invites (which earn us points toward purchases if you purchase).  E-mail me at and I'll send an invite to your e-mail.

(I'm not in any way affiliated with Thred-Up, nor am I getting anything for posting about this.  I have just been talking about it to everyone I know and thought I would share!)


Sarah said...

I joined it but never used it because my boys are now into 5t and there isn't ever anything good on there for that size. I may have to take a look again.

mommytotwo said...

We love thread-up!I think you just motivated me to get the 3-6 6-9 month clothes out of my soon to be 1 year olds room

Carrie said...

I do consignment sales, they are abundant in the fall. Last year I was able to get my 3 year old 5 dresses, 6 pants, at least 8 shirts, and several other things for under $10 at one sale. A lot have 50% off on the last day. I once scored 6 dresses for her for $2! Now I can sell the baby's outgrown items, the little that she has, we are still in 3 to 6 months and she is 9 months.

Emily said...

Thanks for posting! There is a referral spot though if you have a code or anything...