Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Page

My nap time project today was to add a page to the blog to share the gear and tutorials I have used.  At the top of the page, you can see the ADAPTIVE GEAR tab, where I have linked a bunch of things we have seen, used and liked over the last year to accommodate Scarlett's special equipment.  As I continue to learn more, I will add more.

So far, I have included hearing aid stuff (like the hot pink covers we use), g-tube stuff (like the tutorial for adding a nice hole to onesies, which I will write about soon!), the hospital gown tutorial I used for Valentine's Day, and more.  I have also included some of the every day gear we use, like Scarlett's car seat, which we chose specifically for her needs after MONTHS of research.

Hopefully, as we continue to chronicle our journey and learn more, we will end up with a very valuable resource for families like ours who have to learn about these things!

I am currently on the hunt for books about doctors, hospitals, and specifically about cancer, for young children.  As Scarlett continues to grow, doctors will be a constant part of her life, and I realized we have NO books about it in our extensive kid book collection (that's what happens when you have a teacher mom and librarian grandma!)   I'm hoping to find things that talk about childhood cancer patients, rather than children seeing adults go through treatment.  I'll add to the list if I find anything!


DiJe said...

What a great resource! Thanks for putting it all in one spot. Those items are awesome, especially the handmade ones; Scarlett and other kids with parents like you and the creators of these products are so very lucky to have such amazing caretakers. Seriously.

Kris said...

I saw these the other day, and your post tonight reminded me of them! Just in case you've not seen it yet, I think they would be adorable for little Scarlett! Tummy tunnels, and here is their website. Also, I'm not a g-tube mom, nor a part of this company. But my little one has Mito and a lot of our kids have g-tubes. Someone just shared the link in our group, and I thought I'd share it with you! http://www.tummytunnels.com/store

V/P/A/A said...

These are probably for a few years down the road:

I Can Too!Girls: Cancer Kids Can Too! Books

Chemo Girl: Saving the World One Treatment at a Time

Suzy said...

American Cancer Society has a book for kids with cancer. And I think it is free. Call their 800# and someone can help you.

Great news about the tumor and last chemo treatment. Prayers that her recovery continues.