Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello!  Yes, we're still alive and kicking over here.  We're comfortably moved in, but still have a lot to do to get the old condo ready for sale - apparently my lime-green walls won't show well in an open house...who knew?!  Scarlett has made the transition well, sleeping through the night and sticking to her same schedule.  We were able to use our existing furniture to make ourselves pretty comfortable at my parents' house, though our storage unit is packed to the gills.  My summer school teaching job ends this week, so I'll be back home to help manage the necessary chaos.

We have been so distracted lately, we missed a big milestone for our little blog:  we have had more than 3 million views since we made our first post on December 20, 2010.  WOW!!  Thank you to everyone who has been with us through this wild journey.  We are so grateful for all the amazing support and kindness we have received from our blog friends.
Plus, we've hit another millions mark: the explanations of benefits arrived from the latest rounds of surgery and MRIs, bringing us past the $4 million mark for Scarlett's care since she was born.  It is actually much more than this, since we know we haven't seen all the EOBs, but it is still fascinating to us.  Since this is the total billed to the insurance, not what comes to us, we can look at it in awe rather than in fear!  I can't imagine where we would be if we had not had the insurance coverage we have bee lucky enough to have (and that, thankfully, cannot be denied to our high-risk child thanks to the new health care initiatives...)

We spent our Independence Day packing, drinking rootbeer floats and watching fireworks with friends.  Scarlett loved fireworks for the second year in a row, and stayed up extra late to watch them.

Our summer of stress continues this week as I have applied for some full-time teaching positions for the fall.  I'm not sure where that will go, but I am optimistic that the right decision will be obvious, and that Chris and I will be able to rearrange our lives to accommodate whatever comes next.

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Unknown said...

Im so glad to hear u all are doing fine. We all went and watched fireworks this year as well and our LO loved it too =]. We are all supporting you here and are very happy to hear u all are doing well. God Bless u All!