Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter, Spring Break and Round 4

Spring Break is quickly coming to an end, and, like always, I am not ready to let it go!  Since Scarlett's school and mine had the same break, we got to sleep in every day.  We had very few plans, so we really got a break from our normally exhausting days.

Easter was quiet.  We got dressed up, went to church with the family, and Scarlett got to do an egg hunt with her cousin and friends.

Her Easter basket had no candy, but did have necklaces and bracelets, which she loves to wear.

Cousin Caleb was checking her inventory. 
Family pictures with a 2 year old just don't always go the way you plan... 

Thursday was my birthday.  Since it was my 30th (yikes!!), we toyed with making it a big celebration, but eventually decided to save for some fun in the summer.  We did get a day out while Scarlett stayed with Grandma.  We decided to visit the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, a museum we have not visited in a few years.  We got to tour the indoor rainforest, see a show in the planetarium, and feel a simulated earthquake (somehow not as nerve-wracking as when we have felt the real thing.)  

Golden Gate Park in spring!!

The indoor rainforest is very interesting, with butterflies and birds flying through.

The aquarium is always one of my favorites.

After the museum, we drove out to a movie theater we had been wanting to try.  At Vine Cinema, they serve dinner and drinks while you watch the movie from a couch in the theater.  We have always joked that we would love to start a movie theater for grown ups, with real food and drinks - turns out someone else had the same idea!  the restaurant next door, which prepares the food for theater patrons, offered a wine tasting and happy hour, so we were

glad to have arrived early.

Watching construction of the new hospital while waiting for chemo.
On Friday, we went in for the first dose of chemo in Round 4.  Everything went smoothly, and she is already perking up this morning.  At the end of this month, we will be half way through the scheduled treatment.  I am so happy that this chemo still has so little effect on her - no hair loss, no transfusions, no hospital stays, minimal drama.  We are still cautious, as complications can arise at any time, but we are glad we chose a treatment plan that allows her to live the most normal (for her!) life she can.


child of God said...

Lol!! Love the upside down picture. :)

Happy belated 30th birthday! I love your white pants and teal shirt, so springy.

Praying and praying for you Scarlett. I'm glad you all had a chance to rest and recuperate from your busy schedules.


DiJe said...

♪♫Happy Belated Birthday to You!♪♫

So glad to hear you got to have some down time, and definitely glad to hear Ms. Scarlett is doing well!

Titus 2 Thandi said...

Ha ha ha. The upside down is a classic! Happy belated birthday!