Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning

The weather did not cooperate, so we could not go to the beach.  We have had the most un-California weather this June...cold, cloudy, windy.  And unlike the postcards, our beaches are not really warm; if it's cold at our house near the Bay, it is colder, foggier and windier at the coast (about and hour from us.)  So in order for Scarlett to be comfortable, we will wait until there is some sun.

We debated on how to spend the weekend, but ultimately decided to do some deep Spring Cleaning.  Our house gets to be a disaster in a very short time lately, with medicine syringes, baby bottles, diaper pails, laundry and baby gear everywhere.  I feel like we have way too much, but then, when I need something, I am very glad I have it!  We set aside some books and DVDs to donate to the hospital library, sorted through all the bills, and finally tackled our "laundry mountain" that was getting out of control.  As much fun as the beach would have been, we were happy to take time to sort and clean out things that have been ignored for months.

The saddest thing was packing up Scarlett's bassinet, which she slept in for the last 8 months.  She is officially a crib sleeper.  I am sad that I might never see it again, that it will never hold our tiny baby again, and there may never be another.  I'm not too sentimental about most things, but as nice as it is to see her grow and mature, it is a little heartbreaking, too. 

It is not sad to get that corner of our room back, though!

We have more cleaning to do today, but first we are headed to the Farmer's Market.  Have a great day!


~Q said...

It is just so awesome to see how you all are handling all of this. I love these real, honest posts even about mundane things such as cleaning. In fact, it's great to see such posts because they are positive and proof that you continue to live your lives.

Cheering for you.


Shell :)

Irene K said...

glad you are making it a great weekend without the beach. As long as you are together :) much love from Austin tx

Jennifer said...

It's nice to see you spend a "normal" day with your family. Even cleaning your house has to be better than sitting in a hospital I'm sure. I felt the same way when we put our basinette away. Such a bittersweet moment. I guess now that we're parents, we'll have a million more moments like that. :) Thinking of you all daily!

Anonymous said...

We are the same way when we have to put away the clothes that are too small for the boys now. My husband has a more difficult time with their little onesies. We have about 15 onesies that he HAS to keep because the boys "looked so cute in them". We're not having more kids so I have no idea how long we'll keep them!! For us, it was also retiring the bouncy seats. Our boys did not want to sleep in the bassinettes...only bouncy seats. What a Godsend those things were!! And one of them was a hand-me-down, $5 garage sale find. LOVED IT!!

At any rate, I, too, love reading about your mundane, normal day. We also spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. Ten month old twin boys will do that to you!!

As always, many prayers for you, family and especially Scarlett.

Janette (from the August 2010 BBC group)

Christina said...

I feel you on that one! I just sold my baby gear that Kaitlyn does not use anymore. It was very hard at first but now that the stuff is gone I am so grateful to get my living room back. I am only having my one child and I too am not really sentimental about stuff but it was hard. I almost cried when the first item left the house. I had that deep feeling of emptiness in the pit of my tummy.
I also know what you mean about our weather lately. It was miserable this weekend in Southern CA. Sorry you could not enjoy a relaxing beach weekend.
as always you are in my thoughts.
Be brave, be strong, keep fighting
and give Scarlett a kiss on the cheek from us.
Christina and Kaitlyn