Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another One Down

Cycle 7 of Chemo is finished!  We gave the final dose last night.  The side effects seem to have worn off and she is back to normal again, eating a little better and being very active during the day.  Now she gets a week off before we start the next cycle - a new drug that she will get daily for 28 days.  Only 5 more cycles to go before we are a chemo-free home again. 

Yesterday we found out that, despite a great interview, and after a week of waiting, Chris did not get the job at rhymes-with-Schmoogle.  We're both disappointed, but we have to move on.  It has been almost two years of this - recruiters calling, great interviews, sometimes multiple interviews, positive feedback, once even a week of shadowing - and then they "go in a different direction."  He is feeling frustrated and defeated, and we're both worried about what this means for us in the months to come.  If something doesn't change soon, we will be forced to make some drastic changes.  Until then, we just keep moving.


jeanette burkholder said...

YAY for another round of Chemo being done! As for the job i am sorry to hear that i am sure you are both feeling defeated at this point.

Keep your head up Chris when the right job comes along everything will fall into place. Good luck!

Holly said...

I am SO sorry the job hunt has been so daunting. Wishing you three the best.

MC said...

Yay for another round being done! Go Scarlett, go Scarlett, go Scarlett! (I'm doing a dance for her!)

I'm sorry Chris didn't get the job, but I'm sure God has a plan!
Don't give up.
Hugs from PA