Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holding Strong

Scarlett visited her NP today for her now weekly labs and check-up (we're down from regularly twice a week since February, and far from the dreaded 5 appointments in a week).  She's doing great!  Round 7 of chemo has had very little effect so far.  She is a little (or a lot) queasy if we aren't right on time with her anti-nausea medications, but otherwise feeling good.  Her ANC (white blood cell/immune system count) is still safe and high.  She is still far from needing any blood transfusions.  It's almost...ALMOST...easy.

We're still waiting on the job front.  Chris went for an interview today that was cancelled and rescheduled the minute he got there...but they promise it's not because of him and they want to see him later this week (I don't want to jinx it, but it's a hugely awesome job at a place that rhymes with Schmoogle...)  Even if that doesn't work out, he had a great review and is in line to move up at Starbucks, so something will happen either way.  I haven't heard back from the school district yet (despite increasingly frequent e-mails and calls from me asking what's happening) so I will make my presence known tomorrow.

We're doing some local publicity for the blood drive, so if you're in town, you may see those little blue eyes peeking at you from posters while you're getting coffee or shopping.  I'm working on a blood drive FAQ post, so if you're still not sure what we're up to, it's coming.  If you're ready to make an appointment (which we suggest, since we have no idea how many are planning to attend...) you can get started HERE!


Dana said...

If you find that smells make your sweet baby queasy and start heaving....keep a baggie of a couple of lemon slices handy. If there is a smell that's starts her tummy churning...let her smell the bag of lemons...the clean citrus smell will help.

argevans said...

here's hoping for a huge turn out for the blood drive! i won't be able to donate since i'm pregnant. after the baby arrives, i'll be back on track to get my 3 gallon pin. best wishes for everyone!

~Q said...

So good to hear that her appointments are getting less, and she is doing well.

Much luck and blessings on the job front.

April said...

Is she able to snack on foods at all with the NG tube still in? A friend of mine swore by snacking on Goldfish crackers during her chemo. You are doing an amazing job, Brandi - with everything Scarlett is going through she's still managing to gain weight and seems so very happy. I hope you are taking time for yourself every once in a while too... You don't want to make yourself sick with all you are doing between doctor's appointments, therapy, school schedules, health benefits... Your plate is overflowing. Lean on people for support when you can. <3

Sam said...

have you seen the book and blog "well adjusted babies"? so much info on healthy babies -- might really help :)