Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adios, Port!

As I type this, Scarlett is having her port catheter removed from her chest!  It was placed when she was a teeny tiny 3.5 months old, was poked mercilessly every week, often multiple times a week, for anesthesia, blood draws, medication, tranfusions, and IV chemo.  It hasn't worked for months, and she should not need it any more, so it is going, going, GONE!  The procedure is short, only about 40 minutes, and should have only minimal discomfort for her.  The worst of it, I'm sure, will be that she can't take a bath for a few days.

Leave it to us to schedule a surgery when we are mid-move (as in, half our stuff is in one house, half in the other, and I can't find anything!)  We should be done moving by the end of the weekend, and hopefully things will calm down significantly.


Emily said...

Great news!!! Good luck with the rest of the move.

Christa said...

Best wishes!!
--christa, oct. 2010 mom

Anonymous said...

Way to go, get that sucker outta there! :)

MC said...

I hope you guys are all moved in by now and that everything worked out well with the surgery.
Hugs from PA!