Tuesday, October 25, 2011


After two weeks of insane business, we're back on the grid!  Pictures are on the way from Scarlett's birthday party and the blood drive, and I will post more about them as soon as I have some visuals to spice it all up.  Both were amazing and I can't wait to share!

More immediately, I would like to direct as much positive energy as I can to our blog friends Beth and Ryan and their son Keegan from Karing for Keegan.  Keegan has been fighting a brain tumor similar to Scarlett's for most of his two years.  He has been through multiple rounds of chemo, radiation and surgeries to stop the tumors from growing.  Earlier this year, they found that the cancer had moved from his brain to his spine, so they started over with a new plan for more chemo and radiation.

Last week, Keegan's latest MRI brought back the wrost possible news: his tumors have spread and are no longer treatable.  The family was sent home in hospice, and they are trying to make Keegan's remaining weeks or months the absolute best they can.

I know too well how devastating this is for Beth and Ryan.  We were sent home with the plan for hospice when Scarlett's tumor was first discovered.  And while we were lucky enough to find a surgical option, I remember how harrowing each day was, and how precious each and every moment was when we were expecting the worst.

If anyone lives near Evansville, Indiana, friends on their Facebook group are putting together meals to help them through the next few months.  Otherwise, I think they mainly need moral support to get them through this most difficult time.  Please check out their website or group page and send a little love Keegan's way.


jeanette burkholder said...

I read their entire blog in a matter of a few days. When they updated about his MRI I could not stop crying. Their family, like yours have been through so much. God bless them! Its horrible news and i can not imagine how they are feeling, i wish i could do something.

Brandi Wecks said...

Me too, Jeanette. I have cried for them multiple times over the last few days, and I thought this was my best chance to reach someone who could help in even a little way.

debtfree4me said...

Oh the story of Keegan breaks my heart. I live just north of Indianapolis- lived across the street from Riley Children's Hospital while in college. I've contacted the family to see what I can do to help. So sad.

Jake Phillips said...

What I love about hospice centers is that they give the patient's remaining days the absolute best they can.

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