Thursday, October 6, 2011

Round 8

Today Scarlett was cleared to begin Round 8 of chemo.  This round involves 28 days of Erlotinib, a pill dissolved in water and given through the NG tube.  The side effects are likely to include severe diarrhea and skin irritation...yuck.  They are NOT likely to include nausea or myelosupression (lowered counts) - for the first time since she began chemo in February.  Our fingers are crossed for only mild side effects, but we have a cabinet-full of medications to combat any that do appear.

Otherwise, she is feeling great.  She has made some great progress lately.  She is inches away from rolling from her back to her stomach; she can get from her back to her side, and from her side to her stomach, but needs a little help to get herself all the way over.  Once she is on her tummy, she grabs and shakes toys and sticks everything she can in her mouth.  She can pick up her pacifier and stick it straight into her mouth without crashing into her cheek.  There are many reports of her purposefully waving, though I don't seem to ever be around when it happens.  She is also starting to clap her hands when we all get very excited.  She got her two front teeth over the last week, so she is up to 7 teeth now (4 on top, three on bottom), and thankfully no more fangs. 

Last weekend, we made the move from an infant car seat to the convertible car seat.  Since she doesn't have her car seat to recline in all the time, she has been making use of every possible chair and seat, including restaurant high chairs, grocery carts and even a table-clamp seat we were given last year.  It's fun to have her more included, and she loves being able to look around and whatever is going on around her.  Being upright so often, rather than reclined in the infant seat, seems to have made a big difference in her strength and endurance lately, so I am glad to have made the change a little earlier than we originally planned.
The blood drive planning is in full swing!  We have about 60 sign ups now, and another 60 spots to fill.  I interviewed for a press release this week, so the word is getting out!  We are hearing that many of our donors are first timers, which is really exciting!!  In addition, 11 readers have reported their donations using the pink widget on the sidebar.  Our raffle prizes are getting better and better, with the most recent contribution from Mabel's Labels (making me wish I could win!).  There has been discussion of a birthday cake from our friend Jennifer Jones' kitchen, too!  We're still hoping to add some things to our raffle, so if you have something to contribute (gift cards? baked goods? services?), please let us know!


2bcs4ally said...

I would love to contribute to your raffle! I would like to donate a service. I am a dog trainer in the east bay and would like to give a free private lesson. I have a website, if you want to check it out:

Let me know how to donate. I have been following Scarlett's story since the begining. I have a little one too.

Christa said...

Isn't the convertible seat a great change?! My little one loves looking around and being able to see more of what's going on. Glad Scarlett is doing well!
--christa, oct. 2010 mom

mamathlete said...

I'll be sending you some gift cards. I've been following your blog for some time and would like to contribute to your efforts. hope the blood drive is a huge success!