Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alternative Therapies

This video is supposedly only going to be available for a short time, but I wanted to share with as many as I could.  I can't speak to the validity of any of the arguments (though I did read more articles), but the filmmakers make a good case for the FDA trying to prevent this doctor from profiting or even offering his non-toxic, non-invasive cancer therapy. 

This does not really affect our decisions at this point, but it is something to think about.


CWilsonclassblog said...

I watched the whole video. I'm speechless. If those claims are true, that's just awful. Why attempt to block anything that shows hope of better cure rates? I was also very surprised at how old some chemo drugs are. Have they changed any in composition since they were approved by the FDA? Definitely interesting information!

Jessica said...

Great Information- I posted this on my facebook for my family and friends to see. I think its very important to be aware of alternate treatment options. I'm so glad you are looking beyond radiation- even if it hasn't affected your decisions yet. It's great that your educating yourself on what else is out there.

Venusgirl214 said...

Thank you for sharing that video, the only way we are going to help people know whats going on is if we help spread the word. I also glad to see you consider alternatives as possibilities in the future. Love, hugs and prayers to you and your beautiful family.

Natasha said...

His theory sounds very interesting...turn on the body's own genetic defense against cancer.

However, re: the clinical data
5 of 54 patients is not the same statistically as 5 of 20 patients

1 of 107 patients is not the same statistically as 11 of 40 patients

However I think his persecution is unjustified and he should be allowed to continue his research and treatment.