Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We're feeling a little sorry for ourselves around here today.  Unfortunately, Chris' car was broken into this morning while he was at work.  Nothing is missing, no one is hurt, but we're just bummed out. 

Last night we went to the dentist.  For years, we have scheduled our dentist appointments together out of convenience, and a bit of "if you go, I'll go" accountability.  When we made this appointment 6 months ago, I was still pregnant and we had no idea what we would be up to by now.  We didn't take the time to reschedule, so we both went, and Scarlett came, too.

No one in the office knew what has been happening with Scarlett.  When they asked, "How is it going?", we both laughed a little and said that it has been very challenging.  A few minutes later, I could hear Chris trying to explain; he went with the "Just Say It" approach: "She has brain cancer."  This, of course, changed the mood considerably.

When it was my turn, the hygienist working on my teeth wanted to know all the details, which I don't mind sharing.  The trouble came when she asked a question while manipulating several sharp instruments in my mouth.  It was something like...
"How did they get the tumor out?"
"Tuhh twesh hou thurgg."
"How long will she be in treatment?"
"Abbu a yee."
Hopefully I didn't spit too much when I tried to explain; she was so concerned that I felt bad making her wait for the answers.  They were very kind, helping quiet Scarlett when she got fussy while we were both in the chairs and wishing us all the best.  They even said we could come back for toothpaste whenever we needed it.
Oh, and Mom, no cavities!

THANK YOU to Jennifer Jones, who brought us tofu, rice, won tons and the most sinfully delicious brownie-stuffed "pillow cookies" that we snuck in to the movie theater with us on our first "date" in 5 months (We saw The King's Speech, just in time for it to sweep the Oscars).  THANK YOU to Andie Britten, who made us stuffed pasta shells that we enjoyed for lunch today.  We truly appreciate it!!!


MomEinstein said...

I have been following your story and I am amazed at you all. You're truly inspirational. I'm glad that you are doing some "normal" things - even if that means you have to go to the dentist! hahaha

You are bringing such attention and recognition to the disease, and hopefully by sharing your story with the dentist (& the world!) you will inspire more people to donate their time & money towards research.

And that SUCKS about Chris' car. I'm glad nothing was taken, but why break into a car for no reason at all?

Haley Norman said...

Still praying so much for you all. We are declaring her healing in Jesus' name! :)

I, too, am glad you are getting a chance to do 'normal' things amongst the craziness that your life is right now!

So sorry about Chris' car :-(

I know the Lord will continue to hold Scarlett in His hands :) Many blessings to all three of you!

(I want some stuffed shells!!)

Haley (and Quade and Hadley) :P

Michelle said...

I'm glad you guys got a chance to get out and breathe a bit. I'm sure Scarlett made a grand impression at the dentist's office as she is such a little doll. Hopefully this is just the beginning of you guys doing the ordinary things that many of us take for granted. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers and pray for the twisted humor needed to get past the stupid things people do to one another (in reference to the car break-in). Kiss and hug Ms. Scarlett.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that Chris' car was broken into! That is a bummer : (
I think that you and your husband are AMAZINGLY strong people...Not to mention the little butterfly Scarlett.
I am still lightning candles and saying my prayers for you both and your little cutie Miss Scarlett : )
May God Bless you and keep you all safe

July 2010

Anonymous said...

How awful about the car. But, you're right to focus that he was not hurt; that is good!

I wanted to say too that is sweet of people to help with your dinners.

Haley Norman said...

Hi Scarlett! We pray you are doing well .. you have been on our hearts ALLLLLLLL week :)
Quade, Haley & Hadley Norman