Saturday, February 26, 2011


Pictures added to About Brandi and Chris.  I love going through our old pictures.  More to come...

Thank you to Leslie and Chris Feyling for lasagna, and for taking a load of baby gear off our hands!  Sorry Les didn't let you have any brownies, Chris!

Scarlett is making great progress toward holding up her head!  We bought her a BebePod chair to continue practicing being upright.  It is very hard for her to do tummy time because her port is sore (a rounded nub sticks out under the skin of her chest).  She is also frustrated by being placed on her right side most of the time she is laying down; her shunt sticks out on her head and she can't lay on it until it is more healed.  Despite her frustration, she has been in a generally good mood and isn't too fussy.  Hopefully, more physical therapy in the near future will help with this.


Anonymous said...

i went to look at the pictures and it said the video is private ;(

Brandi Wecks said...

I'll fix it!! Sorry - still learning!

bobwendi said...

Your video is super cute! Good job! :)

Thanks for sharing the story of you and your husband. I have been following the story of Scarlett and your family for quite a while now.

I sincerely appreciate you updating everyone regularly. My husband thinks I'm crazy because I check for updates on Scarlett so often. He never knows if I'm crying out of happiness or sadness. Thank the Lord, it is mostly out of happiness! :)

Scarlett is a very special girl with amazing parents. My son has had medical issues since he was born. We've spent a total of three weeks at Children's Hospital, and it was so emotionally and physically draining. I cannot even imagine having to deal with the struggles your family has faced. I am just in awe of how well you and Chris are able to be such remarkable people at such a trying time. I pray that God will continue giving you the strength you need.

The hospital bills are a joke. My son spent 13 days in Children's Hospital at one point and another 8 days in Children's when he had surgery, for a total of 21 days. The bill, not including the surgeon's bill, was close to $300,000.00. CRAZY! I never found out how much the surgeon charged...dang it...I could have used the laugh! LOL! :)

Stay strong and please know that my family is praying for you and your lil' miracle, Scarlett. :)

Renaissance Woman said...

I always post anonymously because I am too lazy to log in, but finally, here I am! :-)

Your photo video was gorgeous! You are such a cute couple. Scarlett is so lucky to have you two! (I know it's a stupid thing to zero in on, but your wedding cake was amazing! LOL)

Still keeping Scarlett in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad that people are taking care of you guys! She is one amazing little girl!

(Oh, and if you guys want a good baby laugh, check out what our LO did today to my DH...ha ha!)

Sarah70 said...

Love the video of the 2 of you! I am a native californian. Lived in San Jose all my life. Scarlett is absolutely precious. She is continuosly in my thoughts/prayers. God bless the 3 of you.

Anonymous said...

Your video is beautiful! I love the pics : ) You and Chris make a very nice couple.
God Bless baby Scarlett:)
As always there are prayers coming to you from Boston, MA !!
Boston, MA
Cafemom July 2010