Saturday, April 23, 2011

Boredom Management

Day 13.  Waited all day to move downstairs to oncology, but they are just too full for now, so we stay put.  I was so happy to have something to do, I packed up for the move...but now I have to strategically unpack what we need until we do move.  Scarlett had a good day, as she had the foley catheter removed and was cleared to be off the monitors during the day.  This meant she could go on a walk with momma around the hospital, play on the couch and visit the nurses station to be smiled at.  Fresh air, new faces, less beeping = much better!

I am feeling a little sad that we aren't home dyeing eggs and making an Easter basket.  I bought her a dress just in case, so we are going to put it on anyway, even if it is just for the nurses.  It was just too darn cute to pass up.  It sounds like the entire family will be coming over to visit tomorrow, so I am sure we will have lots of Easter fun.

I am keeping myself entertained with an ever-expanding arsenal of material.  I have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  It is a young adult series that is an easy read, though somewhat horrifying to think about - teenagers fighting to the death for political sport.  I'm on the third and final book (all three books have taken me three days).  The first book is being made into a movie soon.

I am also a tad obsessed with Pinterest (which I learned about from Sherry at YHL).  It is a website that you can tag pictures of whatever you want and make albums that can be shared with other users.  I have an album of things I like for Scarlett, things I would love to do in our house, projects for school, quotations, and just fun stuff.  I love all the creative projects that people share! 

I also have been trying to keep up with e-mails and messages we receive.  I see that many people post questions about Scarlett's diagnosis/treatment and other things in the comments, but I don't really have  away to answer them directly.  I am thinking that with my otherwise idle time, I can write an FAQ post.  If you have a question, e-mail me and I will try to answer some things if I can.

Happy egg hunting!


Jen said...

Glad to hear that you and Scarlett had a better day today!I imagine that being able to move around makes things a whole lot easier to manage :) Hope Scarlett has an awesome first Easter!

bobwendi said...

Happy Easter! :)

Glad yesterday was better, and hope that today is even much better than that!

I wonder if the hospital has anything special planned for the kids. I sure hope so. That would be a bright spot in many of the patient's day.

When you get a chance, please post a picture of Scarlett in her Easter dress...would love to see her!

Hope you have a fantastic day!

Happy 1st Easter, Scarlett! :)

Stephanie said...

Happy Easter Scarlett, Brandi and Chris!! Hope you guys have a great Easter even though it will be in the hospital. I hope we get to see pictures of the pretty girl in her Easter dress:) As always, many thoughts and prayers coming your way. Stay strong baby girl.

Unknown said...

Happy Easter! Thank you for sharing your story. You have inspired many.

Unknown said...

I haven't ever commented before, but I do keep up with your blog regularly. I feel like I know you and Scarlett! Which is crazy since we are half-way across the country and will never meet each other. I think about you often and hope that she is doing OK, and admire you for your strength as take care of your precious daughter. I hope you had a great Easter.

If you're bored and looking for some good reading, I highly recommend Stephen King books. Not all are scary and they are page turners! Some of my favorite non-scary ones are The Dark Tower Series (that would keep you busy for quite a while) and The Green Mile.