Saturday, April 16, 2011

Children's Cancer Fund of America

There are many organizations that offer assistance to families dealing with childhood cancer.  There is no way to plan for the financial burden that this kind of diagnosis brings.  Family income declines as parents stay home to care for the child, medical bills accumulate and necessary expenses like gas, parking and food take their toll.

We have been lucky enough to receive assistance from the Children's Cancer Fund of America, which provides a monthly assistance check to families with a cancer kid.  It is not a huge amount, but it helps to keep up afloat while I stay home to care for Scarlett.  With the most recent check, a letter explained that it would be the last until further notice.  The organization has had a huge decline in donations recently, and are currently unable to distribute checks to families.  They are hoping to resume in July, but need additional funding.

This won't make or break our budget, but I am worried about the other families who may not have such an extensive support system as we have.  They need help.  If you or anyone you know may be able to donate, please visit Children's Cancer Fund of America.


Unknown said...

I applaud the mission of the Children's Cancer Fund of American but unfortunately they spend over half of their donation money on fundraising. I just can not in good conscious support an organization that does this, which is why I always check out every charity I consider donation to on Charity Navigator.

I say this not to disparage them or your post, but rather to ask that since you mentioned there are several organizations for the names of some of the others? I'm all for helping, but would prefer to give to a charity where more of my money will get to the families in need.

Prayers and well wishes to Scarlett and your whole family!

Brandi Wecks said...

I agree with you; however, this is the only group that has specifically been able to help us since December, has very few "strings" attached, and a manageable application process for parents. Give as you wish.