Thursday, April 21, 2011

Social Worker

We had an easy night.  Scarlett is sleeping and eating well.  She has only needed Tylenol for some minor discomfort.  Because of the complication with her bladder, she has a foley catheter to drain urine.  We have to be extra careful not to yank it or catch it on anything, but it is not too bad.  I am hearing we might be discharged for Easter...fingers crossed!

I wanted to sing the praises of one of our hospital support staff - Analisa, our social worker.  She is the sweetest, most helpful person.  She comes to visit when she can, and it seems she has a knack for coming just exactly when I need someone to talk to, whether it is about problems with coordinating services, hospital living or adjusting to our new life with Scarlett.  Today, when I went to get coffee in the cafeteria, I ran into her in the hallway just as I was anxious about MI results; she is contacting the right doctors to make sure they come talk to us.  She recognizes Scarlett's voice (there aren't too many babies in neuro-oncology), so if she hears her making noise in the clinic or in a room, she pops her head in.  She listens and tries to help bridge the gap between all the different departments and us.  She has been a huge help in getting some financial assistance arranged, and explaining what to expect and what is available.  I so appreciate everything she does for us, and I am so glad we get to have her as part of Scarlett's hospital team.  THANK YOU!!!

By the way, if anyone has any good ideas on how to thanks hospital staff (besides the Girl Scout cookies my mom supplies us with) I would love some ideas!  :-)


Unknown said...

My goodness, Brandy! With all on your plate you are thinking of others! What an inspiration! Blessings surely coming your way. So glad little Scarlett is showing all who's boss, she surely has the right. And there is no better reward than that special baby to mom smile! We are thinking of you everyday. Happy Easter.

skylac8506 said...

When my son was born, the day before we were set to leave my mom came to visit, one of her many, which were amazing! She brought a bag of goodies. She went to B.J.'s (not sure if there is one out there or a Costco, so you can get everything in bulk) and she bought the pre sliced cheeses ( I think there was 5 different flavors) a box of crackers (with 4 different types and flavors), pepperoni and a container of mozzarella balls in seasoned oil. It was our thank you to all the nurses and the care they had given my son and our entire family when they came to visit. They loved it. It was great because they could munch in-between what they were doing. Just an idea and if you go to a bulk store it actually turns out to be not too expensive for everything you get. Hope this helps and I hope you, Scarlett and Chris are home for Easter! Wishing you a wonderful holiday that is full of smiles, laughter and love!! Sending love and prayers from the Cozza's in CT

Laura said...

You are such an inspiration!
Here's what I do for cheap gifts if I go on a trip but can't afford to bring everyone back something... I take a really good picture of a landmark (like the Statue of Liberty) and print it on a calendar sheet at walmart. You can do this with a picture of your beautiful baby and most of it can be done online at your convenience and they are very inexpensive... like about $0.48 each. I'm sure the staff would love to have a picture of Scarlett to look at all year long.

Anonymous said...

A Donation of books, children's videos, or anything that they can give to help the other children they are caring for would be a good idea. A Fruit basket, or a basket with an arrangement of snacks which could be done by going to a place like Sams Club and getting bulk boxes of chex mix, crackers, cookies, candies and fruit. I am totally sure that no matter what they do that they will appreciate it.

bobwendi said...

Oh my goodness, I just lost my long post, and I forgot to copy it just in case! Yikes!

A quick summary...(Have appt. to get to.)

Glad to hear Scarlett is doing so well. YAY! :) Hope you were also able to get some rest last night.

It makes a world of difference having a Social Worker, especially one you really like.

When my son was in Children's Hospital, our Social Worker was so helpful. She got us into the Ronald McDonald house since we lived 2 hours away from the hospital. That was wonderful to be able to go take a hot shower and just take a break and escape the hospital atmosphere. It was so helpful having a mediator of sorts help us understand what to expect to happen and when.

Suggestions for nurses/hospital staff:

1. Individually wrapped fun sized candy bars;
2. Cupcakes ($14.00 for 30 @ Sam's Club);
3. Fruit tray;
4. Veggie tray;
5. Cold cut tray w/rolls for sandwiches (a bit pricey IMO though); or
6. A nice 'Thank You' card with some pictures of Scarlett.

Also, if you have taken any pics of the nurses/hospital staff with Scarlett, I'm sure they'd love to have a copy of the picture. I order my pics on I pay .13 cents for each 4x6, .38 cents for each 5x7, $1.46 for each 8x10. You can pick which location you want to pick them up at, and they are usually ready 24 hours from when you place your order.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get to spend Easter AT HOME with Scarlett and the rest of your family!

God Bless and have a Happy Easter! :)

Anonymous said...

How about Starbucks coffee as a gift! It's free for you guys and everyone loves it! Chris can ask his fellow partners to donate their markouts. There are always partners that don't even bother to take their weekly coffee or tea markout!

Kelley said...

Love love love the starbuck's gift card idea!! I also do Harry & David tower gifts, they aren't too crazy $. But honestly, I think that when I write just a sincere letter thanking a friend, its better than any present. :)

April said...

I agree with the comment about the letter, but I would also cc the hospital administrator. Sometimes the higher-ups need to be reminded what a wonderful job their staff is doing. I also love the idea of getting pictures of the various care workers and Scarlett. They all would love that. Then you can do it all again when you come back (to visit only) on Scarlett's 5th birthday.

Amanda said...

I worked in doctor's offices for 6 years, and I always got SOOOO excited when I got a thank you note from a patient. It really meant a lot. And I love the idea of sending a note to the administrator as well.

Anonymous said...

My mom is a nurse, and I asked her how I could best thank the L&D nurses for being fantastic when I had my baby, and she said that really any gesture of thanks, whatever it is, will really be appreciated. Nursing can be a really thankless job. Also, DEFINITELY send a note to the hospital administration, and if you've had anyone that's really gone above and beyond, mention him or her by name. At both hospitals that my mom has worked in, raises and bonuses were linked to performance as rated by patients and families.