Monday, December 20, 2010


While we don't know exactly what kind of tumor we are fighting yet (we'll know more after the biopsy this week), our neurosurgery and neuro-oncology team tells us:
  • About 1 in 35,000 babies are born with a brain tumor.
  • About 210 of those are in California.
  • About 50 are treated at LPCH by our doctors.  This led them to descrine Scarlett's condition as "common" (for them - roughly once a week).
  • Of all infant (to age 3) brain tumors, 30% are in newborns.  This is due to the high-speed growth of newborn brains, and the avaiability of nurishment for abnormal cells.
  • There is no known environmental factors for these tumors.  Basically, nothing I could have done caused this or could have prevented it.
  • The tumor was likely forming along with her brain in utero.  We may have seen it on a good third trimester ultrasound, but not necessarily (I didn't have an ultrasound after 20 weeks).
  • Despite it growing inside her while she was inside me, there is zero chance I was affected or have any related tumors.
  • One of the possible types of tumor may have a genetic component, but most are assumed to be spontaneous.  It is important for us to distinguish the type of tumor to know about genetic factors for our future.
  • The doctors estimate a 95-97% chance of malignancy.
We have learned a lot of numbers in 3 days.


Anonymous said...

I only know your story from babycenter, but I want you to know we're praying for you guys and your beautiful, sweet baby girl.


The Stokes

Ace said...

I only know you from BBC too but I am praying for baby Scarlett every whole family is!

Andrea said...

I'm from BBC as well. We're all praying right along with you. My mom is also the pastor of a church and I'm passing the word on about your brave little butterfly. The Lord works in mysterious ways and he does listen and answer prayers. You all are in my thoughts several times a day.God bless.

Well Wisher said...

My heart is breaking just reading about Scarlett Grace. May God continue to bless her and watch over her. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I too heard about Scarlett Grace on BBC.

Anonymous said...

Also from BBC. Praying for your little girl and your family everyday.

Shauna Walker said...

Prayers and love from Louisiana...

Anonymous said...

I read your story on BBC and then starting following the blog. We are praying for you daily.

Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for you. You are such a good mother. I'm so sorry.