Saturday, April 16, 2011

For The Kids

This video was made by Angelia, who is the mom of Nicholas, another SJYC07 kid.  These are all kids who are fighting brain tumors.  All were diagnosed before 3 years old.  Scarlett makes an appearance, as do our buddies Riley and Abby, whose stories (and mommies!) have been so helpful to me.

Downloading the song "For The Kids" by John Rich donates straight to St. Jude Research Hospital, which makes all of these kids' smiles possible.


Jessica said...

By third picture I was in full blown tears. I "stalk" your blog multiple times a day. I'm still so sorry you have to watch your little girl fight this battle, but I am so happy she's continuing on with her fight. What a tough, inspiring family you have. Thank you for this.

Where do we download the song to donate? From itunes or from somewhere else?

This is so touching and I hope you know my prayers are still with you all.

Jessica (BBC mommy)

Brandi Wecks said...

Yes, you can get it on iTunes.

AngelaCourtney90 said...

OMG I couldnt help but cry eatching this and thanking god my baby is healthy.... My heart goes out to thouse families who have to deal with this every day and also to those whose LOs who have lost their battle...Im still crying as I write I cant believe the pain babies/shildren have to suffer....

AngelaCourtney90 said...


kilikena311 said...

She looks so beautiful in the video! Yay for Scarlett the movie star raising money for St. Jude!

You guys are so strong, I love your determination :-)

A young boy near us used this quote to help keep him going...and I wish you the best

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." ~Ambrose Redmoon